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The deepest cut
    the dullest blade
Security shaken
     and sorrow sewn
Betrayal lingers
my hollow soul
  and you
deny your part
while I, in silence
     suffer still
:iconel-auria:El-Auria 0 3
Lost Hopes - Bk 3 - 1
Lost Hopes : Book Three
Chapter 1: The Muses

     Hope gave Victor a cross look as their carriage pulled up in front of the house
belonging to the sisters. He returned the look and smiled in the way that made it
impossible for her to remain angry with him.
     "I still don't understand it, Victor," she snapped at him with narrow eyes and gazed past him at the two women standing at the base of the stairs before the house like two dark sentinels.
     "You will." Victor laughed softly.
     Victor took a moment to collect Hope's bags and help her down. As they made their way up the long walkway to the house, Hope carefully inspected both women. Their hands were clasped between them; the taller, darker of the two (whose name was Cassandra) seemed completely distracted and looked off toward the garden on the eastern side of the house while her sister, Penelope, stood proud and proper
:iconel-auria:El-Auria 0 2
Mature content
Dear Kristopher... :iconel-auria:El-Auria 0 4
Friends and Enemies...
Tap, tap, tap…
     The sound resonated through the halls as one shoe continued to beat its rhythm against cold tile. The only accompaniment was the occasional clearing of a throat or discontented sigh from the woman’s two companions.
     After what seemed like an eternity shoved into the course of  mere minutes the flame-haired woman in the corner turned with abrupt speed to glare at the women owning the red velvet boots which created the offending sound. “Is that really necessary?” She snapped with one eyebrow cocked so high that it threatened to detach itself from her forehead altogether.
     The owner of the velvet boots grinned, ignoring the comments from her friend. The noise not only continued but increased as its mate joined in the impatient time-keeping.
     In the opposite corner, a giggle escaped the third woman who was leaning against t
:iconel-auria:El-Auria 1 0
Lost Hopes -- Later CHs
The light slipping through the trees was just enough to illuminate the clearing where the woman stood; her back to them as they entered. Only the slightest hint of her feminine form could be seen beneath the fabric of the long cloak that hung from her shoulders.
“Have you done as I asked?” her voice was so much like that of the Kuma that Hope wanted to run to her even though she knew instinctually that this creature was not The Voice of Spring. Something inside of her welled with trust, longing and an intense fear all at once. She wanted desperately to cry.
Victor put his arm around her shoulder. “We have come as you asked, but I require more information from you before I will pander to such a request.” He sounded so confident now, not at all as he had before they had left the mansion. The long carriage ride through the country, followed by the silent walk through the woods to this clearing had led Hope to believe that Victor was as uncertain of what would happen as
:iconel-auria:El-Auria 0 0
Blood is thinner...
Dear Family;
     When I was little, there was a lot I needed to learn--most importantly the meaning of "Family". I thought then that it was a biological term meaning 'relatives', but over the years I learned a very important lesson about what a real family is. You're not it.
     When I was four, I remember being loved and cared for. I remember there being a mother figure and father figure and seeing family at holidays. That was fine. Then Gram passed on, and who told me? Someone who wasn't a member of the 'Family'.
     I wonder where Rosemary is today...
     Then instead of allowing me to go and live with (god forbid) my mother, I got shipped around through family members until I ended up with an Aunt. Not such a bad life then. I remember that time too, and how happy Bear and I were, and how many times Wen' and I tried to tear each others hair out and tumbled down the stairs. I remem
:iconel-auria:El-Auria 0 5
Thank you...
Mo Anam Cara,
Like so many times before, I ran these words through my head several times trying to decide what to say to you. There’s never a right time to tell someone how much you truly care. Funny how people always seem to believe that it’s the other way around.
The fact is, I owe you more than I think I ever imagined I would. I look back on our childhood and realize that you really were the one who kept me sane. You really were the one that kept me from going one step farther than “safe and sound”. Unfortunately like so many others, I never realized just how much you meant to me until it was too late. I knew that I needed you in my life--I’ve always known that--but I looked at it with the selfish eyes of a child then and not with the true value that I should have. It was you who helped me to understand that holding on too tight is the fastest way to drive away what you love most. I think about it now and it’s like learning how to hold on to sand wit
:iconel-auria:El-Auria 0 0
here again
it doesn't matter
sleep deprived
it's all the same
feigning conscious thought and being
artificial adreneline
pointless projects
appointments made
droning through the plastic maze
fingers clicking
everyone asleep but me
:iconel-auria:El-Auria 2 0
A Letter to my Muse...
What pain is this?
When I think on things that cannot be -
I miss you,
how I miss you
Are we two so happy in our spaces?
Are we not content to be as we are?
Why now?
Why even at mention of your name does my heart race?
I miss you.
I love you.
The conversations with no real meaning;
the secrets, sharing those soul-deep memories.
There is no explaination of a love like this.
And I find myself wishing I were plastic,
yet with that comes the loss of it all.
And there is no recollection of some lost moment...
but still a loss of time and depth of conversation.
So many years of confiding in one another
only to have them snuffed by misunderstandings.
And in the end I miss you,
That is all.
I miss you.
The sound of your voice;
the sound of your laugh;
the kindness of your soul.
My dear friend.
My muse.
How I miss you...
:iconel-auria:El-Auria 0 2
There once was a young elephant named Gertrude.
Gertrude was not the happiest elephant.
She was not the smartest elephant.
Nor was she the biggest elephant.
In fact...
Gertrude was the smallest.
Even the younger elephants that were bigger than Gertrude.
Everyone made fun of her, and yelled at her to speed up or slow down, or stay out from between their feet.
Gertrude just wanted was to be seen.
She wanted to be able to carry the big tree trunks like her father.
She wanted to be able reach her mothers tail and walk in line with everyone else.
But she was too little.
There were days when Gertrude went off by herself and tried as hard as she could to grow bigger.  She ate all of her greens (and then some) because Mother always told her it would make her big and strong --
But all it ever gave her was a tummy ache.  
She would stand up on her back feet and SRTeeeeeeeeeeeTCH to try and make herself bigger -- But all that did was make her trunk hurt.
She asked her Grandfat
:iconel-auria:El-Auria 3 19
Across the Board ID by El-Auria Across the Board ID :iconel-auria:El-Auria 0 0
--:: Lost Hopes ::--
It had finally stopped snowing. The sky had been grey for days, which was not so upsetting as the snow that had come with it. It had been so cold, and no one wanted to elave their homes.  No one wanted to come outside into the freezing air. No one except for Hope, and the strange man she met that evening.
It was the sort of night where it is cold enough to chill you, but the wind is still and the sky is clear except for the falling flakes twinkling in the moonlight. These were her favorite sort of evenings, and the ones that made her want to brave the chill.    
She watched the snowfall through her window as she waited for her parents to go to sleep, then found her winter coat, (the one that was heavy enough to keep her warm but light enough to still move easily), and went out into the yard. The air was fresh and crisp, and smelled clean with the new snow.  She danced under the porch light and caught the flakes on her tongue.  It was a
:iconel-auria:El-Auria 4 11
into the corner
I am
against the wall
and I can't
seem to
find my way out
of the darkness
:iconel-auria:El-Auria 1 4
The Blind leading the Blind...
The blind
sometimes lead the blind
off like lemmings
into the beyond
never looking
at the truth of their own natures
never caring
who they hurt along the way
against all hope
that their delusions
will become reality
:iconel-auria:El-Auria 1 0
Eternal Love
beyond this time there was a place
where once we saw a different world
and given time to contemplate
I think that we would see it still
for there we once were free to live
and say those things we long to say
where hearts were full and we were brave
where love was not a fleeting thought
where emotion was not frivilous
and any love was an eternal one
:iconel-auria:El-Auria 1 0
Universal Constant
The Universe unfolding now
before my eyes, though blinded be
and I will not be left behind
with those who question constantly
You've given me my epithet
though I hear greater voices still
and while I miss those pretty words
my soul remains my own until
I look beyond those boundaries placed
by man and all his urgency
and only then will I allow
another to take hold of me
:iconel-auria:El-Auria 0 2

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Hello Watchers!

As many of you have no doubt figured out by now, this account is essentially defunct.

I have gone through the gallery here and placed many of the pieces in storage as I am currently buckling down in an attempt to release a book of short stories involving the characters that were contained in these pieces.

If anyone is interested in following my work, please feel free to watch my art account, or "like" Orchid's facebook page.

Thank you to all of you who have commented and encouraged me over the years.
I truly do appreciate the support!

:heart: vaia

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